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Welcome to the Aracaria Project Aracaria Biodynamic Farm comprises 25 acres in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia. The climate is mild and sub-tropical. Rainfall averages around 2 metres (78 inches) per year. The area is lush and fertile. We have ocean glimpses to the east, an impressive escarpment to the west and the cone of Mount Chincogan to the north-east.
Aracaria Biodynamic Farm Aracaria is NASAA certified biodynamic. We produce food for sale at local markets and pecans and mango which are sold to health food shops, usually within days of harvest. We grow most of the biodynamic botanicals used in Aracaria organic coconut soap-making, which is also carried out on site. There are pecan and mango orchards and lemon myrtle and rose secented tea tree plantations.
Aracariaguides Publishing 53 titles to date Aracaria Guides are a vibrant and unique series of eight page fold out information charts. Each Guide deals with a popular subject and provides an easy to understand overview. In our times of over information it can be difficult to sort out the important from the not so important. Our Guides concentrate on the essential and provide an ideal platform for further research. The Guide title themes are primarily health, nutrition, well-being, green and growing and Buddhism. Aracaria Guides are sold in health food shops, book shops and garden centers throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Aracaria Organic Coconut Oil Soap with organic/biodynamic botanicals We produce a range of quality organic coconut oil based soaps with various organic/biodynamic botanicals. Many of the botanicals are grown on our farm.
Aracaria Principal Stefan Mager has been engaged in the Aracaria project for 14 years. Prior to that his background was in design and publishing.
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Aracaria Biodynamic Farm Aracaraiguides Publishing Northern NSW, Australia