2018 Moon Planting for Gardeners

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Put the Moon to work in your garden. Growing by the lunar rhythms dates back to many ancient civilizations and is increasingly popular with gardeners today. The Moon has been part of the planting and growing process of most early cultures throughout the world. It affects the large masses of water such as oceans (tides) and rivers but also asserts an influence on very small bodies of liquid as can be found in plants (sap). When water is rising during the Waxing Moon, seeds sown and crops planted can more easily take up liquids than those sown in the waning phase. This is one of the first rhythms the knowledgeable gardener learns to work with to enhance plant vitality. The Moon has three significant rhythms that relate to three methods of Moon planting explained in this Guide. Each method can be practised singly or in combination with the others. Central to the practice is the Moon's gravitational effect on the flow of fluids in soil and plants. The Moon controls ocean tides and influences groundwater tables. Plant sap responds to the same gravitational principles as the tides of the oceans. Using moon rhythms helps make plants grow more vigorously, germinates seed faster and achieves longer and more bountiful harvests. Lunar planting is easy, anybody can do it. It costs nothing, requires no extra effort and is fun. Simply follow this chart and adjust your gardening activities accordingly:
 Provides detailed information about several methods of gardening by the moon.
 Gardening by the Moon through the Zodiac Constellation Method.
 Gardening by the Moon Phases Method - waxing/waning.
 Gardening by the Ascending and Descending Moon Method.

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2018 Moon Planting for Gardeners

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